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Sea Water Shrimps and Fresh Water Prawns



Lin Let Wady Trading Co., Ltd. is located at Kyaukphyu township, Rakhine, Union of Myanmar. It is constructed in a brick built building and designed in manner suitable for intended purpose of facilitating the maintenance of high standard of hygiene and prevention of product contaminnation.


The surfaces of the walls are made of suitable materials like mosaic and tiles that are impermeable, smooth durable and washable. All the wall-to-wall, floor to wall, wall toceiling joints are made rounded for easy cleaning.


The floors are constructed of suitable materials like mosaic, which is suitable for the products, people and trolley movement as well, be encountered. To prevent build-up of dirt floor are made sufficiently slopped and do not have any area where water can pool and become stagnant. All the floor to wall juctions is covered for easy cleaning.


The ceiling is not suspended type. It is made of impervious and smooth cleaable material. DoorsThe doors are made of Aluminium so as to prevent entry of pest. The emergency door is metallic though not fitted with breakable ceramic bolts its every day use.


The windows are also made of Aluminium with glass though these are designed and fitted 1.0 metre from the floor with no slopping edges. These are enough to prevent build up ofdirt or debris.


The drains are well constructed having sufficient depth with round bottom having easily cleanable channel from high to low risk areas and are covered with removable and cleanable covers. They are adequately guarded by nets at the out-let to prevent the entry of peets such as rats, rodents etc.


The lights used are of florescent type. Easily cleanable, safety covers are used to cover the bulbs. The intensity of light, are sufficient enough for 400 lvx to 600 lvx depending upon the are. Cleaning of covers and replacment of bulbs are usually done when production remains suspended.

Power Supply

The plant is provided with electricity supplied by Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise. In case of power failure, the plant uses its alternative source of power supply from the standby generators having capacity of production 315 KVA of electricity.

Air Quality

The plant has a ventilation extraction system in place to provide a comfortable working temperature and to prevent accumulation excessive humidity. The ventilation points are insect-proof and are easily cleanable. To keep the processing room condensation free, (4) Exhaust fans are installed therein.

Water/ Ice

Supply For all the operative steps, the plant uses water from its own source, a deep tube well. From the deep tube well water is pumped to overhead tank an subsequently distributedthrough metallic pipes throughout the plant. The water distribution system sketch is attached herewith. As water can be major source of product contamination, its possibility is tested annually.Ice is made from this water and produced flake ice 15 M/T per day. Ice is stored hygienically in an ice store constructed of food grade material, not wood. The water is treated with chlorine regularly as per requirement.


All wastes are temporarily kept in a tub with lid (sometimes covered with polypropylene sheet) and subsequently taken to the covered waste storage, away from the building througha separate pocket door. From there these are taken away by the nominated garbage cleaning contractor at regular intervals.

Storage Facility

The plant is facilitated with two frozen coldstores having a capacity of 250 M/T each. These stores have dial thermometer at the door step from where the temperature can be monitored regularly. Liquid Ammonia is used as coolant in this plant. All products are stored at least 6" away from the walls to allow ease of cleaning and to prevent from pests. For stock rotation FIFO system is adapted so as to keep the stock afresh.

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